G2 Performance Apparel started in 2017 to address the need for performance-based, athletic-style uniforms in the marching arts. G2 Uniforms are engineered for Marching Athletes performing at the high school, collegiate, and elite competitive level in marching band, drum corps, and international colorguard. They are fully customizable and allow the groups’ individuality to shine. Upon our inception, we saw steady demand which allowed us to increase our staff and diversify our product lines. Then COVID-19 financially hit our company hard, as it did to many others. We watched schools close nationwide, shutting down our customer base.  Within a few days, this had a devastating effect on the company's finances, putting everyone’s job in jeopardy.  Thinking about widespread layoffs and cuts was completely gut-wrenching.

The team has unbelievable grit and determination, so we decided to address this situation head on and not give up. By mobilizing our dedicated supply channels we modified to begin sewing and distributing masks to address the worldwide need for personal protection against COVID-19. Making a needed product that helps others is in our DNA. We take great pride in making uniforms that enhance the wearers’ experience and assist them in performing their passion. Producing masks that aid people in protecting themselves while expressing their individuality is just a natural fit. 

Keeping our hands busy doing what we love and helping the community at large is saving our jobs and the company.

Thank you for reading our story: Check out our masks.